Friday, January 23, 2009

Courtesy of Poison Control

An interesting fact: when your baby somehow gets ahold of one of the watercolor disks from his sister's paint set, and chews it, sending rivulets of purple drool all over his face, clothing, and hands, it is not toxic.

It will, however, cause purple poop.


Em said...

Awesome! Crayons will do the same thing.

Oz said...

I have a feeling that this knowledge will come in handy someday.

caramama said...

lol! Purple drool and purple poop. That could really freak some unsuspecting helper out. SO glad it's not toxic.

alekatbrats said...

Halloween glow sticks are non-toxic also but it sure looks like a glow in the dark massacre took place. Mouth glows, diaper glows, carpet, walls and the list goes on.
When my son ate Tums, I had to limit dairy products and when he ate toothpastewe were lucky he didn't eat enough to hurt him.

All three calls to poison control was for my son. Luckily I have gotten him to age 12. We'll see on the future.