Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I think today is as good a day as any to come back.

Like most people, I am feeling a great sense of hope and awe today. A country that just 50 years ago didn't extend full citizenship rights to African Americans will, in just a few hours, inaugurate a black man as president. And the man himself is a remarkable American story. Born to student parents, soon abandoned by his father, raised all over, yet able to leverage his intelligence and discipline to ascend to the highest office in the land. Whatever your politics, that's got to make you feel good about the promise that exists in this country. We need, desperately, to be reminded right now that anything is possible here, and I think that's why this is striking such a chord with so many people.

Also? I have a giant girlcrush on Michelle Obama. Is she ever cool. I think this is the first First Lady I have really liked.

More things: My girl is hilarious. She's definitely developing big-kid attitude, but she's also getting more mature and sweeter and more of a remarkable grown-up type person every day. She informed me yesterday that watching the inaguration with me will be "exasperating." When I asked her what that would mean, she said "That means AWFUL and BORING."

I don't think I need to worry about her speaking her mind.

And Will is just the most delicious baby, but becoming more toddlerlike every day. His fat little legs are getting longer and adding a little more muscle and a little less chub, and he's really responsive and cute. And an enormous flirt -- he loves women and smiles at them everywhere we go. So far, women, especially blondes, and older people get beaming Will smiles -- everybody else gets serious-baby face.

Thanks for coming back, if you do. I promise not to be gone so long again.


Summer said...

Wasn't it amazing? I watched the TV coverage for 12 straight hours yesterday, I just couldn't tear myself away.

There's something so special about the Obama family. They're superstars, and yet they seem so normal. I could imagine myself sitting next to them at the school play, you know? And in a slightly different reality, it could have happened. My son's pre-K teacher in DC strongly urged us to enroll him at Sidwell Friends, telling us that it was the best place in the city for a little smartypants. But instead, in this reality, I got to cast my vote for Obama in Florida, and feel like my participation in democracy made a (tiny, but real) difference.

I'm glad to see you back. Keep writing.

caramama said...

Yeah! Nice to hear from you and get an update on the kids! I love that Maggie is already speaking her mind and even using big words, and that Will knows how to flirt!

I am also thrilled about how far we've come as a country. I really respect Obama and Michelle and look forward to seeing how they do in the White House, especially with two young girls. Have you read Obama's autobiography? I'm planning to read it soon, but husband already read it and told me some things. It's truly remarkable, as is he!