Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh, Detroit....

MORE corruption investigations.

I read this today and was just holding my head and saying "This is UNBELIEVABLE." But it is, of course, all too believable.

I always knew John Conyers was out of it, but you've got seriously question his judgement when he is married to that crazy ghetto screecher. Not to mention that he and Carolyn Cheeks Kwame-Mommy Kilaptrick are our representaion in Washington. For years, the lone Republican vote I cast is whoever is running against Conyers, just to make a point, but the power of incumbency is real.

I just feel so beaten down. People (OK, mostly suburbanites) talk about the city not wanting good leadership, but what about the majority of us that do, but find ourselves powerless against the entrenched political culture here? Let me tell you, the current city council are hardly the best nine people for the job, nor were they the nine best candidates. What they are is politically connnected and/or related to the people who are. I know tons of people who might even consider a run for city council but when you know, unequivocally, it's goign to be a huge waste of time and money and that Council seems to be an employment program for those otherwise totally unemployable, what are you going to do?

That said, the Cockrels have impressed me, as has, so far, Kwame Kenyatta of all people. But I am hoping aginst hope AND experience that somewhere in the mess of people who will be running this fall, there's a good, smart, professional core of people who are fed up with what's wrong with this crazy city and are ready to bring real leadership back. Anyone have any suggestions? Because I am ready to bring it for someone who simply doesn't make me embarassed to live here anymore.

It's not a high bar, folks.

Anybody out there got some good candiates for me to get behind?

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Em said...

Why is this the first time I am reading of this current Kwame trainwreck? I don't think our news has said a word about it? Or maybe I just have a 4 month old, that won't sleep.

Wow. This just brings it up a whole notch. To a whole new level. Ick.

I think you should run!! Amy, for City Council Pres.