Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Question time

What does the modern person do when confounded by questions? Why, we ask the Internet. So here goes:

Cloth diapers: In my quest to become ever more of a goddamn hippie, I think I'd like to use cloth diapers with the Impending Boy. I'm not so sure I am up for the insane amounts of poop-soaked laundry that will cause, however. Since I am innundated with yucky training-underpants accidents on an almost daily basis I have become much less enthused about the whole cloth idea. For those of you who have used them, what do you think? Is the laundry that copious and/or disgusting? And, do any of you who are local know if there are still diaper services around here? Fervent Googling has led me only to places that deliver disposables (and really, people? I can see if you have multiples and are going through cases of diapers a day, but, really? Going to Target or Costco to replenish was one of my prime get-us-the-hell-out-of-the-house activities in the early days).

One of my ideas is to use a service or disposables early on when we're going through like 10 diapers a day, and then move on to home-washed cloth when he's older. (it still feels weird to type "he," by the way). Still mitigates the environmental impact without turning me into crazy laundry person.

Project Deuce: So, um, a boy. Anything I should know? Previous to Maggie, I'd only really cared for boy babies as an aunt and nanny and hadn't taken care of many girls. Now, after almost three years of Girldom, I feel utterly clueless and kind of nerved up as to dealing with a boy and his boy parts and his male psyche.
Can I smooch him all the time and tell him he's gorgeous and funny and smart like I do with Maggie?
Will he hate me when he's 13 like I am sure she will?
Are those pee-pee teepees things as ridiculous as they seem?
How do I get a cute, smart boy and not a nasty, frat-boy-like one? My friends pretty much all have nice boys --how do I do that? I'm pretty sure "don't marry, or be, an asshole" is high on the list and I have that nailed--what else?
Where do I find boy clothes that don't look white trash but are not so expensive as to dry up the college fund?
Do I have to give him a buzz cut? I don't like buzz cuts, on any male not currently serving in the US Military. I don't like the hipster-parent shaggy do either. Is there a middle ground?
Any diaper-related issues I need to know about? I know about putting a diaper over the penis-ular area to avoid a shower--anything else?

More later. I just heard a certain cute little person say plaintively over her monitor, "Mama, where ARE you?" so I'd best go grab her.


kate said...

Hi Amy,

finally found your blog after seeing you comment on Moxie for, like, forever. Congrats on your boy! VERY exciting! Yes i think the peepee teepee is stupid but i know people who swear by it, actually. I do cloth diaper my twin boys (didn't find a local diaper service, sorry -- we are in Midtown) and laundry-wise it is one extra load a day for me, since i have two. And the poop thing isn't bad with newborns, if you breastfeed. And you can use flushable diaper liners! I wish i had switched before.

Anyway my blog is by invite only but if you follow the link you can email me & i will invite you. Then you can tell me where you guys live! I am always kind of looking for local moms...

Summer said...

Cloth diapers aren't gross, trust me. Remember, lickle baby poop (esp. breastfeeding poop) is nothing, NOTHING at all like the poop of a small person who is eating chicken nuggets and corn. Washing them is really not hard at all, with the infant poop you don't even have to rinse it off, you just dump the whole bucket of diapers in the washer, do a cold rinse, hot wash, et voila. I used homemade diaper liners made of polarfleece (microfleece) which protected the diapers from excessive staining, and I think kept my guy pretty dry... he NEVER had diaper rash. EVER.

I would totally do cloth again, given the chance (fingers crossed).

Just email me if you have specific questions, 'kay?

Summer said...

One more thing: paint the walls nearest your changing station with semi-gloss paint. You'll thank me.

pnutsmama said...

limited time! here are my short answers:

cloth diaper guro is kerflop and her faq page on her business site may help you:

boys: we have 6 nephews, love them all, love their boyness and yes of course when they are little all is equal with the affection (maybe more so!) when they get to be 5-6ish they go through a little male phase but they def. don't hate you at 13, not like a girl will.
they have all peed on me. all of them. i think that weiner cover is brilliant. easier to wipe (sort of) since all the equipment is external. of course, the flip side is, once they realize they have said equipment, they like to handle it A LOT.

i'm pretty sure you won't have an asshole son. mostly, cause you are so in tune w/ it. he can and will be as caring and emotionally aware as any girl. maggie will help. plus, i know lots of frat brothers who are great guys raised by great parents!

he's gonna tell you how he wants his hair, so relax. let him do what he wants. even the mullet.

for clothes, i recommend ebay. i love it there, but be warned, that shit is addictive.

msuspartan99 said...

ok, peepee teepee? I had to google it... and you have to be kidding me! tiny tents for the wiener? Being a stay at home Dad for 2 boys, I have changed many many diapers... and NEVER been peed on. There have been some close calls, and a few times, I have used the clean diaper to "block" the stream, but if you are quick, there is absolutely no need for the peepee teepee. I have to believe that it takes more time to "put up" and "take down" the tent than to just change the diaper.

also, T buys quite a bit of clothes for the boys at goodwill. Most of it is very good quality... sometimes even with the tags still on them.

more advice on boys later.... congrats

tripmom827 said...

Don't know a thing about cloth diapers. but, boys, I know a little something about:

1)Yes, you can smooch him all day and tell him he's gorgeous and funny and smart. After awhile you can only do this in the privacy of your own home...not in public!
2)Mine aren't 13 yet, but we have avoided any love you/hate you issues thus far. Which, BTW, have already surfaced with dd.
3)I am not familiar with a pee-pee tee-pee. It actually sounds scary!
4)You get a nice, smart boy the same way you get a nice, smart girl. Unconditional love and strong boundaries.
5)I like Old Navy for boys clothes.
6) When hes young take him to a cheap haircut place and ask for the "little boys cut". Then, when he's older, he'll tell the lady what he wants.
7) Just point the thing down when putting the diaper on, to avoid any pee shooting up and over the top of the diaper.

And, give him and dad time to rough-house, wrestle, be loud, etc. The noise drives me crazy and I'm always sure someone is going to get hurt, but I think that male bonding is important~!

You'll do great, Amy! And, I think you'll be surprised how little different it is. Meaning, you like to be in tune to Maggie's needs, you'll use those same skills to be in tune with this little guy's needs too!

BigChunkySoul said...

Pee-pee teepees are only stupid until you get shot in the face...then they start to look much more intriguing.
There are several brands of "green" disposable diapers out there, but I suggest using them only until about age 1. After that, the PC diapers have a tough time carrying the load (so to speak).

Linda said...

I just wrote a big long email to a friend answering her questions about cloth diapers. I can copy/paste it to you, if you're interested. I'm 2 weeks into cloth diapering sans diaper service and it's fine. No big deal.

If you don't like crew cuts, are you going to have the little boy bowl cut? I know so many little boys with that haircut and I always swore I'd just buzz it off before I let my son have a bowl cut. To each his own, I guess, right? :)

berniera said...

We used a diaper service for our twins, and it was great! We live in Ann Arbor and used a service which was out of Kalamazoo (Dydee/ Diapers Unlimited), but that was 6 years ago, and there might be more options now in the Detroit area. Diaper Service was the greatest, but keep in mind that we had twins! Cloth diaper options are getting more and more interesting - our diaper cover preferences were for "Nikky's" when they were little, and for "Motherease" when they were older than one.

Good for you for caring enough to investigate!