Monday, August 13, 2007

Coming out

I am successfully past the first trimester, so we have started telling people outside of our families (and the Internet). We hadn't yet told the most important person, though, the one who will, with us, be most affected by this. Yes, the Big Sister to Be. I wanted to wait until I was bigger, but when we told a friend we ran into Saturday, her first words to Maggie were "You're going to be a big sister!" Ooops. This woman is a) extra smart b) pregnant with #2 herself and 3) has a son who is a few months older than Maggie, so I she assumed we'd already told her.
Realizing that would be the reaction from most people who didn't already know, we decided it was time to break the news that she would have to share the spotight around here. When she woke up Sunday morning, we brought her into bed with us and I told her we had important news. "You are going to be a big sister, sweetie. There is another baby coming to live with us."

"Another BABY??" (big smile)

"Yes, another little baby."

"Let's play tent!"


I explained the baby was growing in Mommy's belly.

"Oh. Let's gwab it!"

"We can't grab it yet, honey, it needs to grow a lot longer."

"Oh! Play tent with me?"

So in other words, she was fine and completely, utterly unimpressed with the whole situation. If asked about it, she seems happy--otherwise, she just doesn't care.

Let's hope she remains as imperturbable about the whole thing six months from now.


portuguesa nova said...

Huge huge huge congratulations!!! (I'm all superstitious lately and didn't want to say it earlier.)

Em said...

My sister is pregnant with #2 and my niece is 27 months. Her reaction was similar, although, as my sister has gotten bigger, she is much more interested in her little "bruder" or "sista". Each week it the sex of the baby fluctuates in Lily's head (they aren't finding out the sex). This week she is having a "sista".

Em said...

Congrats on getting through the first tri!

Maggie will do great when the baby shows up. I think you have spaced them perfectly. Just wait until they play tent together (like mine did yesterday)!

apt said...


We used to get in such trouble for playing tent!

Maggie's reaction is adorable. I'm looking forward to reading how this progresses because:
1) Cute, cute, cute
2) We're looking at a spacing similar to yours, so you'd be our scouts.

tripmom827 said...

Awwww. She is going to be a great big sister, and you are going to love watching the relationship between them...there is nothing like it!!