Thursday, February 09, 2006


So we caught up on our TiVoed Daily Show and Cobert Reports last night, to find Jon Stewart and his wife had a daughter. Named Maggie.
I love Jon Stewart, have since his show on MTV, and obviously he has great taste in daughter-naming. Paul and I watched it, looked at each other when he said the baby's name, went, "What?" and ran it back to hear it again. Good thing ours came first or we'd be under suspicion as a little bit TOO ardent of Jon Stewart fans, you know?

Two things, though: I don't like that the name Maggie is becoming popular. As someone who has the third most popular name in my age group, I really didn't want to give my kid an overly popular name. Right after she'd been fished out, in the operating room, Dr. B asked us what her name was. When we said Margaret-called-Maggie, he said "Oh wow, three of my friends just had girls and named them that." Whee. I was always Amy K in every classroom, my dorm floor, and even at jobs. Do NOT want her to have to be one of a million Maggies.

And, I don't like nicknames as names in general. We decided she would be Margaret instead of just Maggie because that gives her options, if she decides somewhere down the line she doesn't like being called Maggie. Plus we used the Supreme Court Justice test. I heard somewher when I was pregnant that you should run two tests on your child's name: First say it "Ladies and gentlemen, Supreme Court Justice ....." then "Next up on stage at the Wild Cherry Naked Lady Lounge...." If it sounds better with the first than the second, you've got yourself (or your kid, really) a name.

Still, pretty cool to hear our kid shares a name with one of our favorite celebrity types. It's the first and only girl's name we really loved, and we just always pictured our hoped for someday daughter as a girl named Maggie. Sometimes when I write or say her name I can't believe Maggie is really here, she's a real person instead of just a fantasy. And she's such a Maggie -- funny, smart, stubborn and cute as can be. I hope she grows up to like her name, because we sure do. But not as much as we love the girl.

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tripmom827 said...

Shoot...Naked Lady Lounge sounds better for Trisha than Supreme Court Justice...bummer! SOrry to hear about your uncle...that's another bummer. Jonathan drinks a *ton* of milk also. Always has. Just stick with the organic, otherwise that sweet cherub one-year-old will start growing breasts tomorrow.