Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I am buying a cow.

Seriously. I can just let it wander around the backyard and as a bonus, Paul won't have to mow!

Maggie has discovered milk. And the sign for milk, which means when she asks for it, she gets it. Seeing those cute little hands squeeze like they are milking a cow just kills me -- wonder if her grip is strong enough to milk Bossie when we get her? Anyhow, we are going slowly broke buying organic milk every other stinkin' day. I thought we were going to save money not buying formula about every ten days, HA. HAHHAHAHA. Feels like ALL I DO is worry about milk--thought milk supply worries died with no more nursing. Not so much.

Is it normal for a child to drink so much milk? She hates juice and will sometimes accept water as a substitute Not Milk drink, although she doesn't really like it. Wine is frowned upon this young, right? Sheesh. Those big bones of hers are going to be stronger than steel. She's already going to tower over me; I can just imagine what it will be like when I am all old and shrunken.

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