Thursday, November 06, 2008

Random Day

* Happy though I was yesterday, I was really in kind of a post election funk. We'd been following this so close for so long and now what? Because fact is Obama is getting handed a great big mess and while obviously I think he's the guy to fix it, it's not going to be easy.

Or maybe that was just a bit of a hangover. Ahem.

* Plus, gay rights. Gah. Come ON , California! I expect better of you than that! Although my designated gay gurus (Shannon on SD, among others) seem to think what really matters is the Supreme Court picks Obama is going to make which should settle the issue once and for all.

* Maggie is actually interested in the election a little bit. She called me a Barack Obama-head the other day. We were talking about the election and I told her he won, and that he's a daddy and has two little girls. Later we were having a snack and the newspaper was on the table, with a picture of the Obamas facing up. I showed Maggie the picture and said "those are the little girls were were talking about. "Mom, I love their dresses," she said. "I would like to meet them."

So of course now that's all I want for the next four years.

* The visitation starts tonight for my grandmother. I'm dreading it -- not only will it be sad but all the crazy family dynamics will come into play. My aunt will be at full tilt Irish grieving drama, my mom will be so tense you could bounce quarters off her, my dad will be sad and I hate seeing my dad sad, and I either have to find a way to keep Maggie away from the casket or explain to her what Gigi is doing in there. And oh yes, my grandmother is dead. If I didn't love my father to the ends of the Earth I SO would be trying to get out of doing this for the next three days.

And maybe it's a Polish thing but I am not getting why two days of visitation. We have "family viewing" tonight for FOUR HOURS, public visitation tomorrow, and the funeral and funeral lunch Saturday. Of course we had longstanding plans with friends tomorrow and Saturday I had to cancel, which made me even more sad because I don't see my friends enough as it is.

All I know is, tonight I am looking forward to a large glass of wine and some serious couch time in my PJs.

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