Friday, September 05, 2008

Thank God

It's over.

I thought I'd be happy. I'm not. I'm sad, sad it came to this, sad such a promising politician destroyed himself --and nearly destroyed his city --because of his own failings.

And I am angry. Angry at Kilpatrick's smirky demeanor in court, angry that he chose to go after the governor instead of just apologize and be done with it, and especially angry that he seems, still, to want to point the finger at everybody else, that he shows no real regret for putting the city through this, that it's someone else's fault.

And especially angry that his last line last night was "Detroit, you have set me up for a comeback."

So help me God if he gets re-elected I am done. We'll abandon our house, turn our backs on the city, and just walk away. We're through. They don't deserve us, or anybody who truly wants to make a difference here.

And that's all.


apt said...

That comeback quote kind of sounds like a threat.
Detroit would do itself a favor by setting up a Kwame-cam while he was in jail. Great fundraiser, me thinks. Though he'd probably ruin it all by producing shows.
It will be interesting to see how the next months go as appointees jump ship or are forced to walk the plank.
Glad the nightmare is over.

Summer said...

Take heart, Amy. Consider the example of the famous Mayor-in-Disgrace of my fair hometown, DC. The not-so-honorable Marion "Bitch Set Me Up" Barry, after his return to civil life, has not achieved higher elected office than city councilman for the poorest, saddest, ghettoest ward of the city. What's better, the post-Barry mayors have been pretty on the ball, and the city's in far better shape than it was during his tenure.

Theresa said...

I was absolutely floored by his continued arrogance. What does it take for this man to accept responsibility for his actions? I doubt 4 months in jail is going to do much. It will just feed into his persecution complex.

I hope Ken Cockrel can help the city put all of this behind it and move on.

Lisa said...

Well said, Amy. I decided not to watch his speech live last night (had the tv on all day because of the court proceedings and follow-up afterwards). I was going to watch it last night online, but was nauseated simply from what I read about it. I am SO incensed that he could say what he did about the governor when all I saw from her in all this was total class.

I agree with Theresa that 4 months in jail will teach him nothing, and only make him feel even more like a victim. I live in the 'burbs, so it doesn't affect me quite like it does you...but I will be thoroughly disgusted if he somehow gets re-elected.

So sad to think of the wasted potential in that man.