Friday, September 05, 2008

6 Months

My darling Will:

You've lived your first half year on this planet. And what a remarkable baby you are. Sweet, good natured, pleasant, laid-back -- when you were a newborn, your Papa described you as "easy to get along with."And you are. You fuss when you're hungry, when you hurt from your teeth (those awful teeth which are causing your great discomfort but refuse to just break through already) or a stomachache, or when you're tired and don't get why we won't just lay you in your crib.

Other than that, you're just chill. You don't like to be alone, and will protest vigorously if I put you in, say, the exersaucer and move out of sight. But as long as you know where I am, you're perfectly happy to amuse yourself, rolling around or playing with toys or eating your feet.

One thing you've been doing since you were a newborn that just melts my heart is to stop crying and relax almost the minute your Daddy or I pick you up. I can't put into words how that makes me feel, to know I am your comfort and that just being held by me makes you
relax and feel like all will probably be right with your world, eventually.

You're also funny. You love to be tickled, especially when I kiss your ginormous pudgy cheeks or Daddy tickles your "Dunlop" (where your big belly "done lops" over the top of your diaper. It's a bad family joke. There are many. I apologize in advance). We dance together, you and I, and you squeal with delight when I spin you around and lift you over my head or swing you back and forth. I'm fairly convinced you're a genius because you now get all excited when I walk over to the CD player and turn it on. And you've just learned to blow raspberries -- and that it makes me laugh -- so you do that a lot.

I tell you you're cute, or gorgeous, or a great baby about nine million times a day, because you really are. You aren't a super smiley guy, but your smiles, when they come, are sweet and genuine and absolutely adorable. You are as chubby and solid and delightful as can be --we have nicknamed you Yokozuna, which is the highest level of sumo wrester, because of your chub. You have great squeezy thighs and multiple chins and pudgy little fingers and rolls of fat at your ankles and wrists. I don't worry, because your sister was the same way at your age and now she is a tall skinny stringbean of a girl -- and actually, you look almost exactly like your daddy at the same age too.

You're interested in the world around you, too. It's wonderful to watch you just look and observe things. We've moved you into the sitting-up part of the stroller, and you loooovvve being able to face forward. I miss being able to see you and chat with you, but you really like greeting the world.

Your eyes are changing --they were dark gray at birth, and now are, surprisingly, changing into the same hazel green as mine. I'm selfishly pleased that one of you will have an obvious genetic marker that you came from me, and glad that if its anything it's the somewhat unusal eye color we share with my dad's side of the family. Your eyes are the same huge and arresting shape as Maggie's, though, with the same long dark lashes. I think our father and I are screwed if the two of you choose to team up and beg for things.

I'm recognizing in you now the same baby I used to tell "settle down in there!" when you were still inside my body. You kick those strong little legs with great enthusiasm and can pull HARD when you reach for things. You're really close to sitting up on your own. And you're so far the kind of kid who thinks things through. I don't see you making a lot of multiple attempts at a skill -- you clearly will be trying to do something, and make lots of little feints trying to work out how it's done, until one day boom you roll over, or sit, or get toys into your mouth. I see signs of the analytical nature of my mom's family in you, although you're also pleasant like my dad's side and placid like your dad's.

Sibling stuff is starting --you LOVE Maggie and grin and hoot the minute she comes into view. She's, um, not too thrilled with you yet. Sometime she likes you and wants to play, sometimes she's not so patient. I'm kind of following the notion of letting you two develop your own relationship without a lot of intervention from me, but I hope you'll eventually like each other.

Essentially, little Will, I can't imagine life without you. You've brought so much joy and fun to this family in your short time here, and I always tell you there was a huge Will-shaped hole in our family we didn't know was there until you came. I was reading over some of my entries when I discovered you were on your way last year, and I can't get over that that was you. And I am so glad it was. We're so blessed to have you, and we love you very very much.

Much love,



Oz said...

Just wanted to wish Will a happy 6 month birthday!

caramama said...

Happy 6 months, Will!

He's gorgeous! What a lovely write up about him, too. It's hard to believe it's been 6 months, and I'm sure it's been tough to adjust, but it sounds like it's also been wonderful!

apt said...

What a lovely-sounding person that you get to live with, Amy!
Great entry.

tripmom827 said...

He sounds like a wonderful little baby. Are you sure he's 6 months???

I love his cheeks and the way your describe his little chunkiness, I bet you could just eat him up!

SupergayDetroit said...
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