Wednesday, February 06, 2008


You know where is not a fun place to watch Super Tuesday results?

From a triage bed in L&D, is where.

All's well, thank God, but here's what happened. I'm going down our two little steps to the basement landing last night, planning to retrieve stuff for pancakes for Shrove Tuesday dinner. When WHAM, suddenly I am on my ass instead of my feet and flailing like a turned-over turtle to catch myself. I'd tripped on a pair of Paul's shoes he'd left there. I laid there for a second thinking "FUCK that hurt" then "Oh CRAP this is probably not good for the baby" and then "Fuck again, I'll have to call the OB and she'll tell me to go in."

I went in the living room where Paul and Maggie were playing, curled up on the chair to nurse my wounds for a minute and informed Paul with as much implied swearing as possible what had happened. I was thinking maybe I wouldn't call the OB, but when I got up I had a stabbing pain in my lower abdomen so off we went.

We still had our pancakes, and then my dad showed up to stay with Maggie and we headed off the the hospital per OB instructions. And thank God for my dad, because do you know how long they keep you on the monitors in this kind of situation? Even when the baby is fine? FOUR HOURS. We got home after midnight.

But you know what? It sucked but I am grateful. The baby is fine, very active, and there were clearly at least two other people in triage who'd had bad news. I'll take a long, boring and uncomfortable wait anytime over hearing words like "bleeding" and "it's very early but those are labor contractions" which I could overhear through the curtains.

Ironically, had I done what I might have chosen, I would have been in L&D yesterday anyway to give birth. Now to just keep this kid in here for the two weeks we hope for.


Theresa said...

So glad everything is OK!

caramama said...

Yeow!! That's gotta suck, but I'm so glad everything is okay.

kate said...

Glad everything is OK! Same thing happened to me when pg with the twins....4 hours of monitoring. Luckily i knew enough to eat on the way to L&D (because of course they won't even give you a glass of f-ing water)

Only 2 more weeks? Already? Wow!

Molly's Mom said...

Delurking now to say glad things are okay! I had something similar happen to me...I was 8 months pg when I fell RIGHT on my stomach (while we were putting up the crib). It was like 9:00 at night and, since we lived in Redford, it was a 1/2 hr drive to U-M, so I did the mature thing- cried and said "I don't want to go!". Well, I did and had to be monitored for 24, yes 24 hours b/c I was contracting! And things were just fine, other than me being cranky from "sleeping" in those oh-so-comfortable beds.
Long story long!

apt said...

Yikes -I saw "triage" and "stairs" and gasped. So glad you and baby are okay.
And how awful to be on the other side of that curtain...
2 weeks. That means I've been reading here for almost 9 months. Wow!
Has Paul found a new place for his shoes?

tripmom827 said...

Shwew! Glad everything is OK! I was just thinking about how close you are (and how miserable you must be, too!). It won't be long now!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe we both fell and both spent 4 tedious and reassuring hours in the l&d triage room. Do you think its something the derby has done to us???

Glad you are ok!