Thursday, January 31, 2008

An answer, and a question

A couple of you have asked--no he didn't resign, but he didn't play the race card or play the victim either. The text of the speech is on the Free Press website today. He very much stuck to the personal, and didn't address the questionable at best use of public funds. He probably couldn't, legally. He looke dlike a kicked puppy, pledged to get back to work today, and told Detroiters he would never quit on us. To which I said "Of course not, there is stiill some money in the city treasury!"
His wife showed up with him and basically told the press to back off. It was quite the spectacle.

Here's my question (reaalllyyy off the latest topic). Do any of you sew? And if so, can you answer this? I love every bit of sewing, but I cannot figure out how to wind the motherfucking bobbin. I have an IQ of, well, it's high. Many of you probably weigh less than my IQ number. And yet? the art of the whole leadup process that's supposed to be easiest MOCKS ME. I won't sew when Maggie's awake because she should not hearing the kind of language it cause s me to use. Anyone??


apt said...

Do you have the machine's manual still? Are there pictures? I sew, but the bobbin is the biggest thorn in my... side.
Usually I put the threadinside the bobbin casing backward, check that. Otherwise the best I can offer are new and fun ways to curse the mother*&#$ machine. In fact my bobbin nemisis is the reason Willa's sock monkey is still armless.

Julie said...

Depends heavily on the machine, alas. Mine has a spindle on the top where you put the bobbin, a switch that you flip to tell the machine you're winding and not sewing, and a special path to draw the thread through. If you don't have the manual, you might want to look for it online; even if it's an older model there are a lot of instruction books available.

Best of bobbiny luck.

Em said...

I once threw my bobbin case across the room in a bobbin rage. Then I gave my sewing machine away.

Interesting mayor.