Monday, October 22, 2007


Sorry no post. Overwhelmed. Too much work, too much house stuff (how is it possible that a person who will likely, please God, weigh less than either of my not-very-big cats can cause so much chaos?), crazy-ass mother in law who's been self medicating with heavy drugs and worse, marital unpleasantness, and now, a stomach bug, are conspiring to mean that f I tried to compose a post it would just be a lengthy string of swear words and who wants to read that?

First the house stuff. The arrival of our new baby means we are:
Emptying out the office and moving that function to the kitchen nook (we have one of thse old-school houses that has a small eat-in nook in the kitchen, very charming). This entails going through five years' worth of paperwork, bills, old page proofs, etc. The pile of drawing paper I am sending to Maggie's school is beocming enormous. And it's super scary to realizie exactly how much my organizational system broke down once we had a kid. Files are detailed and tidy through Dec. 2004. Then it all goes to hell. I'm thinking things don't improve with the second.

Making repairs to said kitchen and painting it. Paul's been working on most of that due to lead paint concerns, and GOD DAMN IT. I will not discuss it here because you all would start making comments about knowing good divorce lawyers, but JEEZ. I'll say this: spackle is not repair. Neither is fake wood. Detail is good. Fussing over every nail hole in the walls FOR TWO MONTHS while the major repair project looks like it was delegated to the two year old does not lead to blissful happiness at home. I know people who have done complete kitchen replacements in less time. Oh, and? A chartreuse office nook that was supposed to be apple green but holy HELL that paint is bright looks cool, right? I cannot believe the, umm, vivid nature of the paint color I chose in the can versus on the chip. It goes on the walls tomorrow so that swear-words-only post might be forthcoming after all.

Moving Maggie from her room into the erstwhile office. She is not thrilled. "No! I sleep in my crib! I no want a big bed like (her cousin) does!"

Putting the baby's (nonexistent as yet) wardrobe into Maggie's dresser, etc. to get the room ready for him.

Plus side is, we get an IKEA trip! And fancy new organizational stuff for the kitchen! And a new faucet to replace the dated brass disaster! And maybe even new cabinet hardware! I'll post pics when we are done--it looks good enough with just primer on the walls now that I'm pretty pumped about the outcome.

I hear the shop vac. That CAN'T be good, esepcially since it's midnight.


pnutsmama said...

first: paint always dries down. but it may still be not what you expected based on paint chip. paint a small section of the wall, if you hate it, you can usually bring it back to be re-tinted to something similar. green is a really hard color, we went through like 5 tries for our old dining room. i too wanted apple, ended up closer to a mint.

second- only sympathies for the house renovations. we live in a house that has a shell of a 2nd floor and no ceiling in the hallway/kitchen of the first floor! it's crazy! even crazier that i have kind of gotten used to it. we have thanksgiving weekend as our deadline for getting the nursery furniture out of the living room (you think i'm kidding- ahahaha, sigh) and upstairs into a finished nursery. which will actually be the LAST room we need finished up there, but when have we ever done anything in the right order?

finally: it's easy to let the peripheral things be the stuff that causes conflict in any relationship. i'd bet that you are both stressed about paul's mom and anticipating the new baby right now, and it is manifesting in everything else. hang in there, you're doing great!

abernier said...

This frenzied post is right on target! I totally empathize, especially with "I hear the shop vac. That CAN'T be good, especially since it's midnight." Those two lines made me laugh laugh laugh! I have been RIGHT. THERE. many times! Good luck! Sometimes (but only sometimes) it helps to chant to yourself "It's only a house. It's only a house."