Thursday, August 30, 2007

Maggie quote of the day

"Daddy, it not your turn to dress me. It Mommy's turn. I know these things."

We also played a few rounds of hide and seek today and I could not count, I was laughing so hard to hear her running commentary. "Where I should hide? Oh! I know! I hide on duh couch!"

So much of "two years old, almost three" is kicking my BUTT, but I love listening to her talk. She's a funny little person. I was known as a kid for using words I didn't know how to pronounce or exactly what they meant (all my dolls were "delicate") and she does the exact same thing. She "reads" some of her simpler books. She's bossy as hell ("no, not like DAT!!! Dis way!") and her favorite response when I ask her to do something is "I give it a twry." Okay, honestly, her favorite response is to either pretend I have not spoken, or "No!" but her willlingness to try stuff is much cuter. She'll yell "SHHHHH! Don't talk, guys!" at Paul and I when we're trying to have a grownup conversation, and has attempted to put us in Time Out.

She just really is who she is -- a stubborn, strong willed, beautiful, active, loving, opinionated, pushy, mischievious girl. I don't know anyone else like her. And even on days like yesterday, when I literally burst into tears because it's been so difficult, I can't bellieve I got so lucky.


pnutsmama said...

amen, sister. i could have just written that last paragraph. except add in the fact that my monkey has a cold that she so generously shared w/me! how is it that this is so hard and so awesome all rolled into one?

have a great weekend!

apt said...

"I give it a twry" spread a smile on my face. These little people who make us cry and yippie in the same hour - we are so lucky.

Jonathon Morgan said...

My favorite part about hide and seek at our house is when I "find" Edan and she goes "NO! You're not SUPPOSED to find me! I jump out and say BOO!"

And then she does, and we all act as if she just had the best spot in the WHOLE WORLD.