Thursday, August 02, 2007

Best comment ever

"Aww, it's like Hands Across America...but with boobs."

From AmyPT de Blanco de Sinki:

Seriously, let's all give ourselves nice gold stars for such intelligent and civil comments. Even those of you who disagreed did so thoughtfully and brought interesting insights to the debate. It's sad that breastfeeding can inspire real unpleasantness on both sides and I was expecting the trolls and "sanctimommies" (another great one from pnuts mama, who needs to get a blog already AHEM) to come a-runnin'. But no! I love when I get pleasa

ntly surprised.

Moving on....

It is HOT. I hate hot weather in the best of times, but yesterday it was 96 degrees, my high-needs, larger, fluffier cat decided that my lap was the place to be (dumb shit, when I WANT to pet him he's nowhere to be found, yesterday he lovvveeesss me), or my dog was snuggled next to me with her hot stinky breath, or Maggie needed to be on my lap and "gwab some hair." We fled to my aunt and uncle's house in the burbs for the afternoon. With central air. And a POOL. Maggie loved the pool. We got in and her first words were "this is going to be GREAT!"

And it was.

Today it's going to be even more hot, so we're going to the play area at the mall. I HATE the mall. HATE. HATE. But they have a Lord of the Flies-esque play area and air conditioning and my high energy kid can run around like a maniac, which is enough for a day like today. And they have cookies. We like cookies.


Em said...

I can't handle this "hot" either. Life of a Michigander, right?

pnutsmama said...

boobs across america is my husbands dream documentary on pbs...b/c pbs would make it legit, like nat'l geographic, right?

thanks for the kindness. it is hotter than b-a double l-s here as well. god bless the folks who have to work outdoors today. blech. i have to admit i was wrong about central air. i love it so much i would marry it, big love style.

apt said...

Well ye-haw, "best comment ever!" Thanks for the honor.
Here our mall play area is breakfast food themed. Vegetarian or not, there's something unsettling about watching kids play on a 5 foot strip of bacon.
Hope you stayed cool.

Em said...

It is hot here as well, but this is the deep south so it isn't unusual. We are all about the cheapo kiddie pool at our house. Fill. Insert children. Insert own feet. Sip favorite iced beverage. Dream of October (when highs come down to the 70s).