Friday, June 15, 2007


I'll get right to the point to spare you guys what I went through this morning: The beta doubled, up to 266.

Still not the rate of increase or huge number I'd hope for (or that I had with Maggie), but we all know high betas don't always mean more viable pregnancies. Nor do low-ish ones mean all is doomed. But I do appear to have gone and gotten all knocked up, for the foreseeable future.

Hollllyyyy crap.

Now, my tale of WTF from this morning. Went in yesterday for more blood work, and the nice phlebotomist (one of my favorite words, BTW) said to call tomorrow. So Paul was still home at 9 (It's his last day at his current job), so I decided to call right then and there. Got what I recognized to be the after-hours message (with the regular one you get a phone tree and can leave direct messages for the nurses). Left a message, took a shower, realized I had never been so nervous in my LIFE. Decided not to put in my contacts or put on mascara in case I was crying soon. Told Paul I was calling again and if I didn't get the regular message we were going over there (understanding that this would get me branded The Crazy Patient for the remainder of my pregnancy). I didn't, so we piled Mags into the station wagon (yes in fact we ARE super super cool) and off to the office we went.

To be confronted with a sign saying they were closed today.


There was a number to calll for an office on the other side of town so I wrote that down (twice, because I was so mad I wasn't sure how legible my writing would be). Maggie was loudly demanding a playground visit, so I stopped to grab something to eat and decided to call the office from the car while heading to the playground rather than take her home.
I got the same type of after hours message.

I may have sworn in front of Maggie.

Left a desperate message on their machine and went to call another OB that allegedly my doctor sometimes covers for. While I was getting connected through 411, my call waiting beeped. It was the other office! Now one of the reasons I love this OB is that his staff is wonderful, and this woman was no exception. She talked calmly to my about how tests don't mean much and if I am not bleeding everything should be fine, and then read off my numbers to me.

I'm stunned, overjoyed, and terrified. And incredibly grateful. I'm not sure what the future holds, but I thank God for even being able to get this far. And I thank all of you lovely people for riding this rollercoaster with me.


Wood said...

so exciting!!!!!! congratulations!!!!!! I can't do anything but write with exclamation points, so I'll stop now after just a few more

Amy said...

I absolutely have goose bumps for you!! Here's hoping this peanut turns you into an elephant - or... okay, you know what I mean.

Amy in KC

apt said...

I guess one of the drawbacks of being an eternal optimist is that I don't get to be surprised about this message. "She's pregnant. I know, I mean... of course."

Not that that takes away any of the exclamation-y feelings away.
Excellent news and keep gestating!

Linda said...

Congratulations! This is awesome news. :)

Em said...

My betas with E were lower than yours and they doubled more slowly so 256 sounds like a lovely number to me. Sounds like Maggie is going to be a big sister! I'm so happy for you.

tripmom827 said...

Hooray!! COngratulations!! Here's to a happy and healthy 9 months (and maybe even a leap day baby???)

kicks said...


Summer said...

Thank goodness! And thanks for posting the news, I was thinking this weekend that I'd need to track down your email and bug you for news if I didn't see something today. You've saved yourself some stalking.

You've got my good wishes and prayers for nothing but good news from here on out.

pnutsmama said...

whee!!! i will remain cautiously optimistic with you and say yippee!! such good news...

i am seriously so interested in this pregnancy for you for many selfish reasons. we are nearly ready to start trying and god help me i am terrified. you left a comment over at moxie for the child spacing that i so connected with (surprise, surprise, right?) and i can't wait to read your thoughts and experiences!

Oz said...

Congratulations! It's great to have an ob with staff like that.