Tuesday, June 26, 2007


This was such a crazy weekend it took me until Tuesday to write about it.

A few things I have learned:

Never, EVER tell a two year old you're going to do something she'll really like until you're actually in the car on the way there.

Case in point: We headed to Ohio this weekend for a whirlwind visit to attend my nephew's fourth birthday party. Maggie adores her cousin TK--he is her favorite person and usually wins as her favorite friend of the day when we ask her who that was at the end of each day. So I made the mistake of telling her last Tuesday that we were going to get in the car and drive with Grandma and Papa for a long long time and then go to TK's birthday party that weekend.

She proceeded to repeat this plan back to me, with embellishment such as balloons and "birthday hats" EVERY. BLESSED. DAY. Every time I got her from her nap, she'd ask hopefully "Go to TK's house now?" By the time the party rolled around (after a few practice rounds of Happy Birthday on the way down) she was just incredibly excited. Add in some sugar, running around like a crazy perosn with other little kids, and all her favorite people except for Daddy in one place and she ended up staying up until nearly 11 pm from sheer excitement. And then went perpendicualr on the bed so I had about a one fott space to squeeze into and sleep. Such as it was....

I did this without Paul although both my parents were there to help, and let me tell you, I have a whole new respect for single moms who are gettin' it done. I could not do this alone.

Saturday I crashed and we helped with a baptism at church, and then crashed some more. Sunday, we visited Detroit River Days to see the Candy Band and let Maggie run through the squirty things, aout which more later, and then met friends and their kids for dinner.

All was well--until about 3 am. When Kurabrecht Pukefest 2007 commenced and didn't stop until the next morning. I don't know what she ate, but it violently disagreed with her. She'd only puked like twice in her life before, and this exceeded the lifetime total in the span of less than 2 hours.
aIn between fits of vomiting, she was quite happy and social. I think she figured, "hey I'm up, they're up, let's party!" At one point, she laid her head against mine and announced ""Mommy and Maggie are having a SLEEPover!!"

The horror --the laundry, the misery, the helplessness of having a sick little kiddo and not being able to do anything about it. Not to mention the disgusting factor. Now I have an oversensitive gag reflex and am easily grossed out, but having a kid has more or less inured me to the grossness of her effluvia, if nothing else. Until yesterday, when Maggie wasn't the only one who hurled.

Between that, the fact it's approximately 9 zillion degrees, this little parasite who seems to still be growing, and the fact my lovely was up at 4 am this morning and didn't want to go to sleep, I am EXHAUSTED. I bought wine at the grocery store today (not for me, for Paul, taking advantge of a local grocery store's closing sale) and the cashier carded me because "You don't look 40 to me" and I nearly kissed her. Now Paul is sick and I'm hoping I am not next (food poisioning is bad for embryos, methinks). I might not look 40 today (I think I look like a 50 year old who's lived a hard life) but I feel about 70.

Going to go prop my eyes open with toothpicks and try to give Maggie some decent parenting....

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