Monday, June 04, 2007

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We went to Cleveland this weekend, to visit the fam and go to a Tigers-Indians baseball game at Jacobs Field. What a cool stadium that is! Much better views for a wider range of seats than Comerica Park. They have a kid's play area with tons of Little Tikes and Step 2 plastic climbey things and cars and such. When I become Empress, every public venue is going to be required to have such a thing within 200 feet. Maggie had a ball and spent lots of time chasing her cousin around. Poor munkus didn't get a nap, and was out cold within minutes of us getting in the car, but KidsLand kept her happy for the hours we were there. Brilliant.

This is the first time I have been in a city where my team has lost a crucial game to that city's team. I watched the Pistons game with Paul, my dad and my brother Saturday night. I'm not that much of a sports fan, but am wife, daughter, sister and friend to guys who are. In between the political discussions that always break out when my family is together (my Republican father and I agree HIllary Clinton '08 is a VERY. Bad. Idea, for even some of the same reasons) we winced as the Pistons completely fell apart in the final minutes of the game. While I was getting ready to go to bed, I could hear cheers and honking from the street near their house, which boasts tons of restaurants and bars. It was strange to be in the middle of all that rejoicing and not sharing it. I'm not the kind of person whose day would be ruined because the Pistons tanked (and thank God, neither is Paul) but it stung a little.
We had an encounter with that kind of person, though. The event we were at was a fundraiser for St. Vincent de Paul (a Catholic charitable organization that feeds hungry people and such) which included Mass, lunch and the game. We arrived as Mass was ending and stood at the back of the tent where it was being held. Now, when Paul and I were planning our trip, we decided Maggie would wear her Tayshaun Prince jersey win or lose, because we're not That Guy and you gotta represent. So, decked out in her jersey and her Tigers cap, in her Daddy's arms, there she was waiting for Mass to end. Some guy wearing a LeBron James jersey looked at her, sneered and motioned to the back of his jersey.

During MASS.

Way to Witness, asshole.


Have people lost their flipping MINDS?
I'm dumbfounded. I don't know what else I can say. In our circle it's a Big Bash when a kid has a party at one of those playscape places with coffee and WiFi for the grownups. Maggie's two birthdays have been celebrated with family and cake.
The people who own the place where we board our dog when we leave town were able to let us pick her up last night, after closing, because they held their daughter's seventh birthday party there. It's a great place, full of wide-open, easily hosed-off space, and I bet the dogs got to come too (Dobby did not come home with a goody bag, so who knows). If I were a seven year old girl I'd LOVE it.
(Incidentally, if you're looking for a place to board your dog or need doggie daycare, a concept I cannot get my head around, we can't recommend these guys highly enough: Pawz Inn. Love them. And no, we don't know them personally or anything.)


Quote of the day: Maggie, looking at herself in the rear view mirror while I drove her to school. She'd let me put her hair in pigtails, a vanishingly rare occurence: "I look like a panda!!"

And ya know, she kind of did...

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pnutsmama said...

"Way to Witness, asshole."

amy, i swear to god and all that is holy that is my all-time favorite quote from you and i am adding it to my "frequently-used phrases" list RIGHT NOW!

i read what you wrote on moxie the other day on child spacing, and if you feel like a brief chat, drop me an email when you get the chance. we (as usual) are in the same boat.

isn't your bday soon? happy bday, just so i don't miss it!
p.s. are you for edwards? please say edwards.