Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So much better

Thank you, lovely Internet people (and at least two real-life friends). Things are better. Paul was off over Memorial Day--his birthday was the Thursday before so he took his birthday and the Friday off. One of the things we do spend cash on is memberships, to the art museum and the zoo. So we took full advantage, heading to the zoo on Paul's birthday and the art museum on Friday. Know what's NOT fun to do with a two year old? The art museum. Every time we go I think "wow, she's too young for this" and yet still, hope triumphs over experience. This time, she made a break for it here, at the Great Hall of the Detroit Institute of Arts.

It's where she took her first real steps, whhere she propelled hersef for more than a few feet without our help. She saw something across the way that she wanted and made a dash for it, toddling away purposefully and leaving her amazed parents in her wake.

This time was not so cute. She thinks it's funny to run away from us, and took off full speed toward the hard, slippery marble steps that lead down to the packed main lobby. Ignnoring our cries of "Maggie, STOP" she kept giggling and running. Paul stood there dumbfounded, while I tore off after her, my not so sylphlike form encumbered with the stroller AND the diaper bag. I finally caught up to her but I'd hardly ever been so embarrassed in my life. Paul's response to my "what were you THINKING?" question was "I thought she'd stop." Uh, no.

More to post, but the goofy two year old in question is currently kicking her crib and singing a medley of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "Old McDonald." I'd best get her before she kicks it to pieces.


apt said...

Sigh. 5th grade field trips to the DIA are wasted on the young. I haven't been there in a long time.

Dutch said...

hey, that's where we met you.

and did you take that photo? the lighting is amazing.