Wednesday, November 01, 2006

NaNOblopomo...oh, the hell with it

So I just found out about this: National Blog Posting Month, or some godawful acronym like NaBloPoMo. Anyhoosville, I have been looking for something to motivate me to write more, and this is it! I feel like I have absolutely nothing to say, unless I could blog in the shower or late at night, when I have some time alone with my thoughts. Having to write tends to make me a better writer--trying to think of what the hell to write means I don't very often.

So I am glad it's November, for reasons as recent aas above and as longstanding as my deep love for Thanksgiving. Plus, the new nephew is being bapitzed next week. I haven't seen him since he was born so I am excited. Henry. A name which horrifed me, and now I love it. He IS a Henry, the kid couldn't have been anything else.

Yesterday was Maggie's first real Halloween. Although she loved her ladybug costume when we took her trick or treating at the zoo, she was violently opposed to the idea of wearing it yesterday. Carrying it around and hugging it, yeah. Allowing it to be pulled over her head, not so much. So since she was wearing a red knit stocking cap against the cold, we decided she was Kyle from South Park. We did not in fact alert any of the nice neighbors who ooohed and ahhed over her cuteness and gave her candy to this costume idea, however. She was more into the kids coming to our house.

We didn't get to cave pumpkins either, thanks to the very aggressive local squirrel population. EVERY DAY this week we've seen one or more of our pumpkins nibbled to death. Maggie thinks it's funny and likes to dribble the leftover pumpkin carcasses like they are basketballs. We are not amused.

Also, I am glad it's November because I have, no kidding, been sick or injured EVERY EFFING DAY in October. Maggie and i keep passing back some cold-like suuperbug that WILL NOT DIE. As we speak I am battling sinus hell. Oh, and Zicam? Does.Not. Work. Anything that tastes that terrible should be effective, but it's not.

Off to go take more drugs and steal more of Mags' Halloween candy. Promise I won't be this lame the whole month!

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