Sunday, October 15, 2006

What a DAY!!!

Sixth anniversary with the husband! (Brett and Nik, we watched you on video today. Awesomest bridespeople EVER!!).

Pack your luggages, the TIgers are going to the WORLD SERIES!!!!!!!!!

I don't believe it!

Also, the laptop is back. Is it wrong that I want to strip myself naked and make out with it?

And, why yes I HAVE had a few glasses of wine. Why do you ask?


Theresa said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

tripmom827 said...

6 years!!! That's impossible, especially considering that little 3 month old I had at the time is now only 2. :) I still listen to that CD often. What a fun time! Happy Anniversary.

Em said...

Happy anniversary, Amy. I just "stopped by" to catch up and was happy to read your recent post.

Hooray Tigers!