Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bad, bad blogger

Sorry, all three of you who read this bad boy. I just haven't had time or inclination to post lately, but things are good. Maggie started school two days a week a couple weeks ago. She loves it, although there have been some meltdowns when I drop her off. Paul did drop-off duty yesterday and, of course, she was fine. She's already made some little friends, it seems. A group of little boys informed her they were building her a house out of blocks when she arrived the other day. She is one of the youngest kids, and per usual, the baldest, kid there.

This is a Montessori school, which I wanted because I went to Montesssori for preschool, kindergarten and some of elementary school. I think it's a great way to educate young children, with its emphasis on sensory learning and experiences. Case in point, her first day, she wandered over to a sand table which was filled with dried kidney beans. She was still there when I came to take her home, putting the beans in containers and pouring them out, fascinated with this simple, organic thing. Gotta love Montessori..

Also? We had a party! We had people over for a happy hour last Friday. You don't realize how many of your friends are parents until ALL of their kids are rocketing around your backyard. Amazing that the wildest party we have ever had was made so by the (way) under-21 set. It made me feel good to now have crawled out of the hole enough to do such a thing. Maggie was the belle of the ball, of course, and loved having tons of people to play with.

So, things are good here at Chez Bitchy. What's been up with y'all?


Amy in KC said...

Great to have you back! Sounds like a fantastic party. I can't imagine trying to put together a party right now... I don't even have time to mow my yard. Please tell me someday I will have time to do something -- ANYTHING, again.

I started a blog - it's mainly for family, so very P.C. (no ranting). I'll need to start another so I can rant in private. It's here: http://silverwells.blogspot.com/

So with Maggie in Montessori, what is Mommy doing with her time? Something stimulating and wonderful, I hope!

MegS said...

Wow, they have Montessori for 1.5 yrs where you live? I'm beginning think we really must get off this island! I went to Montessori for preschool, and we want to send Helen ... but she can't start until 2 yrs here (assuming she's reached the top of the waiting list by then). And it's on the other side of the island (1 hour round trip- without traffic). Argh! Anyway, I'm glad Maggie is having fun there.

Other news ... there is hair after baldness! I actually had to go to almost every store on the island to find H a new brush because that baby brush just wasn't cutting it anymore. Give her another couple of months and she might even need her bangs trimmed. Also, she has 4 teeth and no longer wets the diaper at night. So that's our update.

Theresa said...

We had a great time at your party. I can't believe how many kids were there! It was fun watching them play together.

tripmom827 said...

Awwww...I wish that we lived close enough to come to the party...sounds like fun; and if Ir emember correctly (I am getting old) you do know how to throw a good party!!

I can't believe Maggie is as old as she is. It flies by, I tell ya :) Enjoy your "free" time!