Monday, June 05, 2006

Because it's funny

I am considering copying my darling daughter's fashion sense and stealing this outfit for this meeting I have Wednesday, for which a client told me in a snotty tone I had to look "pulled together." Which brings back nasty memories of junior high and feeling like my clothes weren't right and I look generally goofy. So thanks client! How's THIS for pulled together! Matched and accesorized and everything!

I am considering adding a snorkel mask. Platform shoes too? A little too much?

So hey, tomorrow's my birthday. Give me some advice or insights as I wave bye bye to 35! And given that it's "evil's birthday" (Thanks Omen marketers) let's all hope the world doesn't come to an end or anything tomorrow.


jenbuster said...

Happy Birthday! Mine is in 9 days, the big 3-5. Woo hoo! Hope that you have some "evil" fun today.

Amy in KC said...

How did your meeting go? I certainly hope you wore the glasses, at least. We all could use a rosy outlook!

Em said...

Happy belated birthday. I hope you wore a thong to the meeting!