Monday, May 15, 2006

Thanks, y'all

Thanks to everybody who commented or emailed or thought good thoughts on my behalf. It's really appreciated and helped a lot. I have a doctor's appointment in a couple of weeks to see about meds, and I am feeling better, if not, you know, GOOD.

I have things to write about! Like my hilarious daughter! And how my husband and I are in a kind of a good spot right now relationship-wise, which I am liking! And my foray into real non-freelance wok for the first time in like four years! And The West Wing being over with a really good last episode! And, ummm, flowers!

But for now I am going to read a little and then go to bed. I haven't posted in too long, so I wanted to say thanks Internets (and real-life friends) for helping to pull me up.


Amy in KC said...

Good to have you back! Loved the last episode of WW -- so sad to have it gone. I'll miss CJ a lot.

Can't wait to read you soon! said...

Aw, gawd... I wish I was good enough at keeping up with blogs to have seen the last post in a timely manner.

For me and many people I know, meds have meant a whole different life... literally. Therapy, too - it's like college for one's psyche, but in a good way, with no bad cafeteria food and awkward hook-ups.

I wish you all the best, and will always be ready and eager to talk/listen via e-mail (