Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Well, I have stopped crying and just about time because all hell is breaking lose elsewhere.

My hsband is big time in trouble at work (overreaction by his bosses to a small mistake in my opinion), and may lose his job. He carries the health insurance (enabling me to go freelance). Andmakes about 75 percent of our income. I am trying to stay cool and not show him how freaked out I am by this prospect--he's freaked out enough for both of us and doesn't need to talk me off the ledge when he's there himself. So, freak with me here, will you?

HUGE leak from one of our pipes into our basement, fron the upstairs bathroom. Much more damage to one of the walls than I realized. This is going to be the repair job from Hell once the plumbing is fixed, and I am not allowing myself to think about what might happen if the pipe is split in another place necessitating tearing up more wall. Our walls are old and made of lath and plaster. We have the money but it's from our emergency money, which as the above papragraph shows might be very mch needed to keep us out of the poorhouse soon.

And the brakes on my car are going. I HATE my car. It's a 2000 Saturn SL2 -- I adored my old Saturn so bought another and this one just sucks. They have lost themselves a customer. It randomly will refuse to start and the guys at my repair shop can't figure it out. Eventually it does fire right up. Last time it quit on me at a very ghetto gas station. Here's the weird thing about living in Detroit-- there's one literally across the street I usually go to because it's less ghetto. I decided to stop at the bad one because I was in a hurry and lived to regret it -- got hit up for money once but offered the use of someone's cell phone twice. So I guess that goes to show you life in Detroit is never as bad as the perceptions.

Work sucks and I am so unmotivated to do anything about it. I think nesting had kicked in and all I want to do is tidy and clean and cook and putter and do laundry. I feel like the lady on the front of "What to Expect" looks -- and that rocker-sitting smug mama gives me the willies.

Bitch bitch bitch. Off toour final childbirth call now. Hoefully I will have some good stuff about Deustchland Uber Alles lady.


Anna H. said...

So glad to hear you're feeling a bit better Amy -- and now all this other shit!

Sending good thoughts to you, hubby and plaster walls...


wannabe said...

Why can't crises be spread out over time? I'm so sorry that all of this crap is coming down at once. I know the stress you're feeling about husband's job. We went through that a few years back; I dealt with it by drinking heavily, and that worked quite nicely for me. So, uh, I guess you could watch a movie or read a book, maybe pour yourself a glass of sparkling water with a twist of lime and try to tell yourself it's a vodka tonic? Or play with your beagle? I'm stuck! You don't need this stress right now! Try to hang in there, and let us know how the employment situation pans out.