Thursday, September 23, 2004

Baby Blather

Doctor's appointment today. She's good, oh so good, and I am measuring a little bit ahead according to my fundal height ('fundal' and 'fundus' being two of my favorite words right now, I don't know why, I just think they sound funny). Still haven't gained a ton which continues to mystify me. Thanks to being a PCOS person, my body tends to add pounds with joyous alacrity whenever it gets the slightest opportunity. So why, in the weight-gain-apalooza which is pregnancy, I have gained slowly and not too much despite eating like someone who is not aware food is to contain nutrition just baffles me.

Also? The best news. My friend who lost her baby due to PROM in February is pregnant again! 14 weeks!! On a med break between cycles no less (we decided our kids will be in special ed together since we both got pregnant after being told we never would without meds, so were drinking like the depressed barren harpies we were). And she's having a really easy time of it this time--the baby she lost was a tough pregnancy right along. Please, if you're a praying sort, send her one, okay?

And I pulled out a crisis situaiton for a freelance situation today. So I hereinafter have required Paul to refer to me as Da (Wo)Man.

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