Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Morning After President's Day


I wake up, shift in bed, trying to get a little more rest before what will be a momentous day. The baby starts to move and kick and squirm. I try to burn this feeling into my brain, knowing this will be one of my last pregnant monents probably ever, and whisper, "Will, today we're going to get to see each other for the first time. I finally get to see your face, and you get to see the person whose voice you've been hearing all these months."


I am awake, but wish I wasn't, and shift in bed, trying to get a little more rest. The baby starts to move and kick and squirm. I open my eyes, look at the bed next to me, and see this:

You're almost one, little man, and I can't believe there was a time you weren't here.


apt said...

Gasp - so simple and beautiful (the post, not Will. Well, he's beautiful but not at all simple, I'm sure.)
I can't believe how the universe lines up sometimes. Last night I was thinking about how I've been missing my daily catch up on the blogs of others. Today, a visit invitation. Yehaw for that.
Looking forward to catching up here...

Anna said...

Wow, could your son BE any more beautiful?? Happy Birthday!

Theresa said...

Happy birthday, Will!

caramama said...

Oh, wow! That's such a wonderful post. He is so beautiful! And you are helping me think beyond my tough pregnancy to when we have our own little boy. Thanks.

Mrs. Mother said...

He is a beautiful little boy. You probably don't remember me at all, but we used to post together at www.tryingtoconceive.com. I ran across your blog when you made a comment on another blog. Congrats on both of your little ones. They are beautiful.