Friday, June 13, 2008

Meme, meme!

Oz and Zellner both tagged me for this, the "Six random things" meme. I've actually had this ready to go for awhile and finally can get links going. So, here are six random things about moi:

1) I am terrified of chickens. Like, seriously phobic. If you want to see me freak right the fuck out, present me with a live, clucking, flapping chicken. Yes, I do eat chicken, the only good one is a dead one.

I went to a college that had a major agricultural sciences program, and there was a building where chicken research happened. Rumor had it it was all in the basement. I got stuck with a class there once and had to use the bathrooom IN THE BASEMENT. I swear I have never been so jumpy--I kept convincing myself I heard rustling wings and was totally sure I would open the door of the stall to find a chicken gang cornering me.

And my friends are all enormously amused by this, damn them. I cannot tell you the amount of chicken stuff I own. And at least two former boyfriends wanted to buy me a baby chick, thinking I might get over the terror if I raised one from a cute little fluffy chick. Would have been a gigantic fail. As were the boyfriends.

2) I'm really bad at creative arty-crafty things, like crocheting, sewing and painting. But I love doing all three. Luckily I don't have to be especially good at something to enjoy it.

3) To paraphrase Anne Lamott, many of my friends are surprised I am religious --I mean I am surprised I am religious. I'm pretty irreverent by nature, am quite the liberal, and I was an atheist, agnostic, and raging anti-Catholic for years, so it still surprises me I get up and go to church most Sundays and love my church community.

4) I want to change my hairstyle and am stalking good haircuts lately. I haven't worn it this long since I was 27, 10 years ago. Nothing's more aging than long flippy hair on someone with wrinkles, etc, and let's just say another thing I am stalking is a good eye cream. I think I want a Pob. Which would be a bitch to grow out if I am wrong. Thoughts? (NOTE: Since I wrote this, I have gotten a fabulous modified short in the back, long in the front, awesome, cool, I love it bob. Still looking for help on the eye cream, though. Issues are dark circles, puffiness and fine lines, and I would prefer to not spend $85).

5) I used to be a vegetarian. Now I am not. We eat 2-3 meatless dinners a week, probably, around here but that tends to be by circumstance, not actual planning.

6) I use my male cat's name when I sign up for mailing lists, etc. Casey gets a lot of mail. And he's dumber than a box of hair, so even people attempting to reach the nine-year-old, wildly affectionate, pampered-housecat demographic would probably be disappointed.

Hmm, whom shall I tag? How 'bout Summer, , Nictoria, and Brett?


Pamela Jeanne said...

Hey Amy! Thanks for your comments and for sharing these tidbits about yourself. As a recovering Catholic and a woman always in search of a new hairstyle, I can relate! Glad you like your new bob... ;-)

In the thick of it said...

Amy, I am completely and totally terrified of fish. Like panic-attack scared. It has provided limitless amusement for all those who know me. My coworkers and students regularly leave me post-its with fishies drawn on them. And at Christmas my boss bought a big green fish for the tree. That fish now hangs over my desk at work.

I get you on the weird irrational fears.

Harmony said...

Interesting list :) Just found your blog through a post about Savvy Source on A Mommy Story.

Em said...

The haircut sounds fabulous.

Using the cat's name is brilliant!

Oz said...

Chickens are a little creepy, now that you mention it...

I don't have any eye cream recommendations, but I'd love to hear what you end up using. I have used the Kinerase stuff through Sephora, but am now too cheap to buy it again; Clinique; Oil of Olay; and am now on a Weleda natural one. I think I liked Kinerase the best, but it didn't really help all that much. Do any of them? Sigh.

Em said...

Hey Amy! You know, I haven't been over here in awhile. Our other buddy Amy, mentioned you were busy being one Savvy lady! LOL!!

Anyway, thanks for the encouragement today, and yes, Rothbury was awesome. WOW. What an experience. Even at 26 weeks pregnant!!

Hope you and your new addition are doing well! Congratulations too, by the way!

tripmom827 said...

Hello...anyone there??? I miss you. I hope all is well :)