Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Still here

Cranky as hell (I did taxes last night -- are you remotely surprised I procrastinate? -- and am well and truly pissed I stayed up so late just to send a ton of money to Bush), but here. Just crazy busy. Trying to get anything done with two children feels like pushing a rock uphill. If I get more than two things accomplished personally and professionally over the course of a day I feel like Miss Competent America 2008. One of the benefits of the second child --I know my brain will return to form eventually instead of being permamush.

One thing that's helping--my baby? That cute and totally awesome little guy? Is now sleeping a long stretch at night. The other day it was seven hours. Mind you, it started at 8pm and went until 3am, but that meant I got FOUR HOURS of sleep IN A ROW. I'm fairly sure that hasn't happened since he was born, possibly even before. I felt so great I actually could not figure out what to do with myself and all this energy I had.

Also helping: Paul and I joined the Y. Not sure how exactly we're going to afford it, but I knew I needed to exercise for mood and health. They have child care, so I go in the late afternoon, drop off the kids, do my thing, and Paul meets me there and begins his workout while I go home and start dinner. There's a history of diabetes in my family on both sides and at my current weight and activity level, plus PCOS (which is just a form of insulin resistance) I knew I was cruising for it if I didn't make some changes. My mother, who had always been thin and is quite active, was recently diagnosed as borderline and if she can be at high risk, I was really at high risk. Recent studies show that losing even a relatively small amount of weight and being active most days a week can reduce your risk by some crazy amount, like more than half. One of the signs of being older --instead of being concerned about how I look in a miniskirt I am worried about cholesterol and glucose. Damn.

Plus, these two little children I have are going to take every ounce of strength, stamina and Nice I can muster, and exercise helps with all three. If Will's half as energetic as his big sister who runs instead of walks everywhere she goes and never sits still ever ever ever both of us are going to need a lot more energy to even manage the chaos. Two doesn't feel like twice the work quite yet, but most days it's 5 pm before I even know what hit me and we both fall into bed and are asleep before our heads hit the pillow most nights (which is not me normally, to say the least). I don't so much sleep as go semi-comatose.

So, time's just zipping by here and I am hoping to blog more son. What's up with y'alls?


apt said...

I've been loyally checking in, hoping for a post. Sweet reward. Glad to hear you're all figuring things out. And yay for the Y! I'm impressed by your gumption!
2 years away from the newborn stage, I had to remind myself that 4 hours straight of sleep is something worth celebrating. Come October, I'm in trouble.
Here's to continued health, improved rest, and a new normal for your family.

Oz said...

I would totally crown you Miss Competent America 2008, if I were on the judging panel. Wouldn't that be a great competition? Contestents would juggle babies, blogging, and checkbook balancing all while answering questions about how to work the complicated preschool waitlist system. Maybe there'd be some baton twirling, too, just for laughs.

So glad Will's sleeping and letting you sleep!