Tuesday, April 29, 2008


(A word that sounds dirty, but isn't).

* Which of the following makes me the bigger nerd: That I was scrubbing the bathroom on Saturday night, or that I was doing so while making my own personal Ipod commercial to Grandmaster Flash's "White Lines"?

* Maggie has pinkeye. On top of a terrible cold we all have gotten to varying degrees--me and Will just stuffy and headachey, she's coughing and snotty but full of her usual enormous stock of energy, and Paul is apparently sicker than anyone has ever been before. Ever. She stayed home from school today and yesterday. It's actually been kind of fun.

* Except for the "giving an incredibly dramatic three-year-old eyedrops" part. That part has sucked. I've resorted to flat out bribery, allowing her a piece of chocolate after each application. Resulting in my husband saying these delightful words, "Awesome idea. You need to buy lots more chocolate."

* After a week or two in which he was going as long as seven hours at night in between feeds, he's been up 2-3 times a night for the last several. And the little guy would not suffer to miss any meals--he is HUGE and chubby and weighed 13 lbs 7 oz at his two month appointment last week. He was 7-11 at birth. We've dubbed him Yokozuna, which is the highest level of sumo wrestler (love Google). I'm TIRED. But quite proud too--he's had maybe 5 oz of formula, ever. Go Mama's Dairy Bar!

* Thaks for all your comments on my last post. I am making peace with the idea I will just never get anything done until Will starts kindergarten.

* He is smiling, like a lot. This is the cutest thing ever. He's got like an Elvis thing happening where he draws up one side of his mouth and then bursts into full-blooming smile. Kills me every time. Many is the morning I have dragged myself into his room first thing, exhausted from a rough night (Maggie's sleep has been disturbed too) only to be greeted by that darling smile and it's totally worth having gotten out of bed.

* And said darling is beginning to gritch, so I'm back on.


Wood said...

Gram has done the same thing -- in just a few weeks, he has gone from sleeping 8 hours (or more!) straight to waking every 2 to 3. Is there such a thing as a week sleep regression at this age, or was the long sleep just a freak accident? who knows.

(unrelated: how about those new text messages today, huh? new levels of embarrassment for the city. didn't know it could get worse.)

Stefania said...

don't see a contact email on your blog so I am leaving you a note here. Wanted to ask you a question relating to Detroit. Thanks!

Oz said...

Parenthood makes us all dorks, if what we do on Saturday night is the standard. I think your Saturday night sounds fabulous!

caramama said...

So sorry you all are sick. Way to go with the breastfeeding!

It's amazing how those smiles can make it all worth it.

apt said...

Your description of Will's smile reminds me of Jennifer Keaton telling her sister Mallory why she liked the boy she did. You know, the one who wore the ballcap and said, "Indians" in the CUTE-est way? I hope you're up on your Family Ties.
So good to see you here again.
Yay for breastfeeding and feel better.