Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hey look!

A picture! --->

I love this photo of the three of us, taken by my cousin at my grandma's 95th birthday dinner. I LOATHE getting my picture taken, so for me to like one enough to show the whole world is big deal.

I will note Maggie's belly sticking out (not sure how that happened) and my ginormous GRAY roots. And Paul's hair looks weird, but what you're seeing is actually MY hair, smooshed against his.

I love those two. (something I need to remember right now as Paul is upstairs napping with Maggie. Paul, who fell asleep putting her to bed last night, went to bed at 11:30, woke up at 8:30, and is now taking a NAP. Grrr. How much sleep DOES a normal adult male need?)


Em said...

Yeah! Beautiful, Amy! You are all beautiful. So glad you shared.

apt said...

Happy family! What a sweet photo. Roots? Can't see them.
I don't know about the normal adult male, but *maybe* he's like the camel of the sleep world, and tucking some rest away for the big transition coming up? Or maybe he needs a good multi-vitamin?

caramama said...

Love the picture! You are such a cute family!!!

I wish I was getting that much sleep. I hope you are getting plenty now before #2 arrives!

Summer said...

Perhaps it's one of those male pregnancy sympathy symptoms... you know, like the one that always makes the husband gain weight along with his pregnant wife.

FWIW, my husband and I both took naps on Sunday (staggered, so there was always at least one parent on duty) and neither one of us is pregnant. Sleep is just good. Mmmm, sleep....

BrooklynGirl said...

Great picture!

(And about sleep: my father was visiting recently and though he was staying in a quiet hotel where he went to bed at around 10 and slept until 9-10 the next morning, he had the gall to come to my apartment and take a nap in my bedroom! Grrr! Men!)

TraceyRose said...

I have been having those blast-from-the-past moments lately and wondered what you were doing these days. Thanks to your blog I feel like I'm pretty well caught up! Congrats on your impending niblet and belated congrats on your daughter too!

I'm reachable at if you ever have a spare moment. Take care! Tracey (Schadler) Rosen