Friday, September 07, 2007

Let's get happy!

I said in my last bitchy little post I would next mention some things that are making me happy. So, to wit:

* Maggie and I went to see Liz/Elizabeth Mitchell at the super-awesome Ladel's Books last week. The show was honestly kind of a disaster -- she has a soft, sweet voice that can't project over traffic noise and a zillion little kids, and there was no microphone. Plus, there was this horrible smell from a nearby dumpster that stole over the crowd as the show progressed.
However, I loved what I did hear so opted to buy the CD. Even though the show didn't go well, she could not have been nicer or more gracious, and signed our CD, played with Maggie and said nice things about her. Plus, her husband plays guitar and she included her daughter and goddaughter in the show as harmonica players and backup singers. I think family bands are really cool (I always imagine familes who play music together gathered around the fireplace having a fine old time singing and strumming their guitars all hootenanny-like), so that was fun to see. Totally want to start a family band now (although I would have to piggyback on Paul and Maggie's musical talent, doomed to be the Ringo of my family band).
The CD is wonderful. The songs are all traditional children's folksongs and some that aren't specifically kid's songs ("Three Little Birds" for one). They are pretty, melodic, and easy for even a tone-deaf non-singer like me to sing. Maggie has already learned several songs from the CD and we've only listened to it maybe 3-4 times. Two-year-olds? Awesome singers.

* Maggie got a toy for completing her sticker chart for potty training. She wanted a stuffed animal, and chose a big stuffed rottweiler-looking thing. Which she named, wait for it, Ragsdale Mango the Third. (Ragsdale and the Third comes from the Sandra Boynton song "Fifteen Animals." I have no earthly idea where the "Mango" came from).

* I can see a day this child might be potty trained. Maybe even before high school.

* My sweet husband fetched me my pregnancy-craving dinner last night. I haven't had a ton of these this go-round, but this one was macaroni and cheese and meatloaf from the deli of one of the fancy markets around here. Had to have it, nothing else would be as good, and it HAD to be from there, it could not be homemade. Weird. But nice of Paul to not act like it was as weird as it was.

* Speaking of pregnancy etc., I am feeling the baby move. So wondrous, these little flickers and nudges and spins. It's too soon for Paul to feel it, so for now it's just me and Deuce.
This one seems quite active. Maggie wasn't, which is ironic because she never. stops. moving now. So I wonder if I might even be getting a kid capable of sitting still for more than two seconds! Wooo!

See? Pleasant. Positive. Life is actually more than okay.


dawn224 said...

We went to some swank restaurant this week and my side item of choice? OH mac n cheese how I love thee, let me count the pounds on my ass!

The baby moving is the only really fun part of pregnancy, especially when you are sleeping by hubs actually sleeping and the baby kicks and wakes HIM up for a change!

Em said...

I'm going to have to look for that CD on Amazon.

I loved feeling my girls kick? How many weeks are you now?

Summer said...

I still like you even when you're more bitchy than blissful. I'm not saying that happy is bad -- happy is good -- but cranky is funny.

You lucky girl, with that nice husband. Mine, when reminded, still gives me grief about the ONE time (in the course of TWO pregnancies) I asked him to get me special food. We'd been at a family dinner where there was almost nothing I could eat except rolls (if you hate me, serve pork!) and when we left I was STARVING for protein. I begged Vince to stop somewhere, so he pulled into a KFC, ran in, and bought me some popcorn chicken. Nice, right? Except he'd bought me the large size, and didn't mention that he wanted to share it (he doesn't eat pork either) and I ate it all. He was very, very mad, but hey, I'd been very, very hungry.

apt said...

Elizabeth Mitchell has been our Saturday morning music of choice for a while now. We have 2 of her CD, and "you are my little bird" is my favorite. It's easy to sing "Willa bird, Willa bird" instead of "Little bird, little bird...". Jealous that you got to see her in person.
Sweet glimpses into your family. Yay for happy!

apt said...

Shoot - also, I think you should put Maggie in charge of naming the baby. She's mighty talented in the naming department.

pnutsmama said...

i've been drowning in work so i apologize-
1st. love the name "deuce". how awesome would it be to be having twins and call them deuce-deuce? or is that just me?

2nd. amen to having slugs for fetuses turning into maniac balls of energy baby/toddlers. pnut stayed in the same position for my entire pg- one ultrasound i had to go back b/c they couldn't get her to wake up and move to do the measurements. at the time i was like, haha, child of 2 former stoners, haha- idiot. seriously, though, she was always head down, on her left side, always, and for nearly a year her head was mis-shapen as such. it's one of those dumb things i worried about, lucky for everyone she has a nice round noggin just as the ped said she would.
3rd- have you started thinking of names or is it too early yet? does anyone think i'm weird that i have names all ready even though we haven't even stopped not-trying yet? no? ok, good.

Oz said...

I've become a connoisseur of mac and cheese during pregnancy - I'm trying to hit all the restaurants in town and find the best one. Hey, whatever makes the little one happy, right? The best one so far had lobster in it; it was so decadent it was almost evil.