Thursday, July 05, 2007

I've been outed!

I love my husband, I really do. He's a wonderful human being, and I have become a far better person because of his steady, loving presence in my life.

That being said, I could have stabbed him to death with a grill fork yesterday.

You see, no one in my family knows I have a blog (with the possible exception of my brother, to whom I may have admitted such in a moment of breathtaking stupidity). They like my writing and would probably enjoy reading it, but I need the space to vent about them occasionally. I've got at least one post on here that would cause MAJOR fireworks. My two best college friends have blogs, and my parents, who love them both dearly, have asked for their blog addresses and I've vaguely promised to email it to them when I find them. I comment on both their blogs and would DIE if either parent tracked back to here.

Also, this whole little gestational situation I find myself in? I'm keeping it secret, except to both sets of parents, my brother and SIL and oh yes YOU the Internet (and such friends as read this blog).

So we're sitting around post-dinner yesterday, all happy and sated with potato salad and ribs and such yummy things, when the talk turned to when we planned to tell people (when I am out of the first trimester, five weeks from now). My mom was bemoaning this fact and noting I should be very proud of her because she saw much of the extended family last weekend and did not tell.

When my husband, for reasons passing understanding, remarked, "Well, it doesn't really matter because Amy has already announced it to the whole world on her website."

I shot him dagger looks and said "WHAT?"

His response: "What? Oh. Sorry."
My mom of course immediately asked que pasa and I sheepishly said "I keep a blog. But, I, uh, don't like to talk about it."

So smooth. Plesase trust us with no state secrets.

Luckily she confused that, I think, with the message board I was part of for a long time when I was going through infertility (why I didn't just say that's what Paul meant, I don't know). Still. I later asked him what the HELL he was thinking and he couldn't really answer me.

Why why why?? Why?

On other notes, if you left a comment in the last post, it's posted now. For some reason they were not arriving in my email box.

I don't get your email addresses when you post a comment, so if you have asked a question and I don't email you, that's why. If you want me to respond, please note your email in the comment and I promise I'll edit it out before I post, promise promise.


Theresa said...

Oh crap. You mean I shouldn't have printed out all your blog posts and mailed them to Jan and Tim? Sorry.


tripmom827 said...

Yeah....for some reason, I originally thought that blogging would be a fun way to keep my family informed of my children's happenings. It does, however, severly limit what I can talk about. And, let's face it, if you can't blog freely about your MIL, what is there to blog about??

Too Cool for School said...

Therein lies your mistake - telling your husband. I haven't told mine for the very reason you didn't tell your family, the need to vent anonymously.

portuguesa nova said...

Dude, Antonio did this to me too a few years ago. I had to drop everything and run to the nearest computer and delete a whole bunch of crap. Then he did it again at a BBQ with my co-workers. I just don't get it.