Friday, March 23, 2007

Brief break to bitch

Okay, yins are very good for my ego. I will share the second half of the story next post, if all goes well. But first:

What the fuckety FUCK is wrong with people? have we turned into a nation of self-aborbed jerks (yeah, yeah, quoth the blogger, whatever)?

I am awake right now, at 1:15 AM, with a 6:30 wakeup staring me in the face, because of a gigantic pissing contest. I was covering a municipal meeting tonight, a meeting which would have been a good hour shorter if the dozen or so members of the public who spoke about an issue which was not even on the agenda would have stood up and said "You know what? Given the lateness of the hour and the fact that this is not at all germane to any decisions being made tonight, I'll save my comments for another day." Nope, it was their damn turn to talk and talk they did, at great length. Then al th elected officials had to weigh in because WE REALLY CARE WHAT YOU THINK AT 12:30 AM, THANKS.

Yesterday, I was at Costco and it was taking nine zillion years for the poor lone optical lady to get through one customer so I could get my contacts. So I ran off, grabbed what I needed to buy and came back to find three other customers ahead of me. I exlained to one couple that I had been there before (mind you, I put my THREE measly items in the cart I had sitting right THERE), I just needed to get my contacts and be on my merry way, no fitting or trying on or attention at ALL neccessary, and I had a two year old I needed to get home to get to bed. So, since I had been already waiting and all and left for ten minutes to get something, could I please go next? Nope. And know what these assholes had to do? TRY ON GLASSES. Know what takes forever at an optician's office? Trying on glasses!

Why in the name of heaven would they not just let me jump in for my nice short transaction and have a good feeling that they were doing a good deed? Ended up ruining my night, the (much nicer to me than I deserved) optical lady's night after I went and bitched to the manager about having to wait so long, Paul's night because Maggie threw a previously-unprecedented Category 6 tantrum waiting for me to get home, and Maggie because who has fun having a tantrum? Hope they liked their glasses.

My friend Amy called this feeling of deep annnoyance with the world "riding the hate train." I just wish people could understand there are other people in the world, and a little consideration goes a long way. Sheesh.


msuspartan99 said...

Oh Amy, I am sorry. It sounds like you had a rough night. T has told me that I have an issue with temper and patience, and it sounds like I may have reacted the same way as you did. All I can say is try to think about the big picture. You have a beautiful healthy family, you aren't on probation (that I know of), and you have a bunch of people that love you (yes, I am one of them). Being a stay at home dad has helped with my "issues" though. I haven't been so impatient now that I really do not have to be anywhere on time. Anyway, keep your head up, you'll catch up on your sleep this weekend, and do not let these bumps in the road ruin your day. (easier said than done I know)

tripmom827 said...

Hmmm...I thought it was just me, like maybe I was hormonal and it just seemed like people were being total A**holes. But, it appears, that it is universal that people are A**sholes. I, however, am total gem to deal with all of the time :-)

pnutsmama said...

bitch away, sister...

yes, many, many people have their heads so far up their asses that the only view they get out of their bellybuttons seems to be a reflection of themselves. it drives me crazy. sometimes, when i am feeling it, i call attention to people being so self-absorbed, sometimes i just let it go. it depends on the day, my mood, and my general sense of generousity for the kingdom at that moment.

sorry you had a a bad night. i hate that! but i am looking forward to the next installment of your story!