Monday, February 05, 2007

The most brilliant thing I have ever seen on television ever

Animal Planet. The Puppy Bowl. Three hours of puppies cavorting in a fake stadium, opposite the Super Bowl.

There's even a golden retriever puppy, which as a type are beyond cute. Insanely cute. My brother's dog was so cute when he was a puppy (big black eyes, fuzzy blond fur, giant paws) it suckered us in to this annoying beagle we have now. I still remember Paul cradling their dog in his arms, saying "he even has that great puppy SMELL!" and thinking "I am SO screwed."

Oh, but it gets better. I am currently viewing the kitten halftime show, in which they wheel in a truly wondrous "stage" and let about a dozen kittens cavort. Adding to the awesome, every now and then a feather toy will shake in from out of frame. I want that person's job.

Oh, and yet now more awesome--the finale. Which involves confetti falling from the ceiling and a bunch of confused-looking kittens. I can't be the only person who gets great pleasure out of baffling my cat, right?

Love. This. Whoever thought of this, may your career in television be long and fruitful.

PS: Just saw the sad Pedigree commercial about shelter dogs. Our dog was one, and as much as I bitch about her she's a sweet, gentle little dog and so happy to be part of a family it just breaks your heart. If you're thinking of getting a dog, maybe don't be the asshole who spends hundreds of dollars on a purebred, and look on for your new family member. There are so many great dogs (and cats!) out there looking for someone to love them and deserve so much better than they've gotten so far. Improve your karma--get a shelter pet! On Petfinder you can find purebreds, mixes of any sort, and annoying, smelly, chewing, sad-eyed beagles to love.


msuspartan99 said...

Did you say most brilliant or most ridiculous? My mother-in-law had this on when we got home from the Globetrotters game. I said "Is this a joke?" I wondered who on earth would watch such a thing. Now I know.

AmyinMotown said...

It's the very cheesiness and ridiculousness that makes it so brilliant. As does the fact you can't quite tell whether its serious or ironic or a little of both. Plus, puppies. How can you hate on puppies?

Linda said...

If you want a purebred, you can rescue one. Just google the type of dog and rescue society. They're often expensive dogs with papers whose owners didn't realize how much work a dog is, are getting a divorce, are moving and can't take the dog, had kids and don't want the dog, etc. Really nice dogs who just need a home.

Of course, I have a mutt from the Humane Society, but I've heard great things about rescue societies.