Monday, January 22, 2007

According to Brett

...I need to update my blog. I feel like I have nothing interesting to write about (And this is different from normal HOW, you say?).

My two bestest college friends recently posted what the top songs are on their MP3 players. I was somewhat relectant to do this, given that Paul and I share an IPod. Paul and I both have pretty good taste in music for the most part, although I have more of a love for corny folk songs and he has more of a love, for, well, cheese. And not ironically or by association. Unlike me, he has no claim to musical snobbery. I worked in a record store in high school (did you see "High Fidelity"? It was like a damn documentary to me) and have always had kind of nonmainstream tastes. So, because of this, he has no qualms about having things on the IPod that I am ashamed to admit I even know, much less own.

My brithday gift to him was an ITunes gift card, and not merely the gift card but the promise I could not mock whatever he chose. Here, presented in a totally judgement-free unsnarky manner, are some of his selections:

"Little Suzi"--Tesla
"Fly to the Angels" --Slaughter
"All She Wants Is" --Duran Duran

and, as I discovered this weekend while cleaning the house and listening to the IPod on shuffle:

"Ain't No Other Man"--Christina Aguliera

I think he's trying to break me.

Oh yes, and here is our most played, based on ITunes' Top 25:

Love and Peace or Else--U2
Blue Orchid--The White Stripes
Hero Takes a Fall--The Bangles
Little Sack O' Sugar--Taj Mahal (This song reminds me of Maggie)
Are You Gonna Be My Girl--Jet
Alone Again Or--Calexico
She Sells Sanctuary--The Cult
Dead Leaves and The Dirty Ground--The White Stripes

Not bleeding edge hip, but not as embarrassing as it could be. Anybody out there have suggestions for stuff I might like?


Theresa said...

Two words: Bruce Cockburn. Best songwriter EVER.

msuspartan99 said...

Christina Aguliera has the potential to "break you"? My MP3 player would completely destroy you. How does Auld Lang syne by Rupert Holmes or I've never been to me by Charlene.... if that doesn't break you I'll play Wildfire by Michael Martin Murphy... all on my player.

tripmom827 said...

I'm sorry, but "Aint no Other Man" would break me too. Now, "Genie in a Bottle" is a way different story and one of my favorite I-Tunes selections.