Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Holidays to All!

"War on Christmas" my ass. Doesn't detract from the spiritual or secular enjoyment of my Christmas at all to wish people hapiness at this time of year, whether they celebrate Hanukah, Christmas, Eid or nothing at all.

Us: Church tonight, featuring Maggie in a pretty dress and her first ever hairdo if I can get her to sit still for me to do it. She's finally got enough hair to do funny little pigtails (yes, shes TWO) and I can't get over how much older she looks with her hair done. Then off to my parents' house for lots of food and socializing, and then home to put Maggs to bed and open stocking stuffers. Tomorrow off to my inlaws, where we'll have rare visit with his brothers in addition to seeing his folks. I am in no way dreading this or wondering why the hell I spoke the words "let's stay overnight!" a few months ago, why do you ask? Paul does so much with and for my family that I can't begrudge him this, though.

And with that, let me wish you a holiday that is merry and bright, and that those you love the most are gathered around you. If there's an empty chair at your table, I wish you comfort in memories and joy unexpected today, and if the material aspects of the holiday are more sparse than you'd hope, I wish that abundance in love makes up for it. And my hope for everyone is that on this night when a baby brought hope to the world, that this seson of joy makes the world a little warmer and kinder for everyone.

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tripmom827 said...

Glad to hear you had a lovely Christmas. You're living room looks great. I can't believe that you did that with a toddler under foot! And, really, she's 2?!?!?! That seems impossible. Can you post a pic of her in her Christmas dress and pigtails?!?!?! Pretty please!!