Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Wooo!!! And, poo.

First of all, woo to Rick Santorum losing his seat last night. I try to not hate Republicans as I have many friends and family among their number, but that guy? Is an ASSHOLE. Equating being gay with besitality, blaming New Orleans residents for not evacuating themelves (were they supposed to SWIM, or something?) and just generally being an arrogant dick in every interview I have ever seen him do. Glad he's gone, hope the inevitable scandal envelops him quickly torpedoing his chances for any further office (because it's always the one who hold themselves up as the highest moral authority who have the most skelton-packed closets) and BUH-BYE, hater!!!

But poo to Michgan's enacting a ban on affirmative action by a pretty huge margin last night. Here's the thing: we have ALL been beneficiaries of preference at some time or another. Maybe your dad knew the guy you interviewed with for your big job, maybe the people who sold you your house identified with you and took your first offer, maybe you look around your office one day and notice that all the guys look like younger versions of your boss and all the girls look like someone he'd date.

The difference is, when you're a white person, you never see it that way. You can lull yourself into thinking it's just your hard work and sterling credentials that got you where you were. But fact is, that preference is how the door opened. Once you walk through, sure, merit plays a role. All that affirmative action does is allow the door to be opened to people who don't look like the boss.

Furthermore, the ban also could imperil things like women's sports or scholarships that target, say, white male bowling pros. We gotta change this back, Michigan, or we''ll live to regret it.


Theresa said...

I've been trying to get excited about the election results but I'm too bummed about Prop. 2 in Michigan and the passage of discriminatory marriage amendments in other states. While I'm thrilled Santorum is gone, I'm sure there will be other bigots to take his place. Sigh.

I really am a wet blanket, aren't I?

Em said...

I live in one of the states where the marriage ban passed. Still, I'm happy the the country isn't quite as red today as it was a week ago. I think the pendulum is shifting.