Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Technology hates me

Here's what I have been contending with in just the past month:

Microwave broke. As we typically microwave veggies for Maggie for her lunch and dinner, this was a huge inconvienience. We since have made a pilgramage to Saginaw, where the inlaws live, to retrieve the microwave Paul had in his "bachelor pad" (so not bachelor, as I had a key and a shelf in the bathroom and Casey and I spent many a night there, but whatevs). I lived without a microwave when I was single, and now wonder "Why? How?"

I dropped my laptop. Next time I bitch about Paul, let it be noted that he did not yell at me, bemoan my klutziness,or freak out about the cost to fix the damn thing. Had the shoe been on the other foot, I would have done at least one of the above. There are several benefits to being married to someone who is a MUCH better person than you.

My Yahoo account has been hacked.On the off chance anyone is waiting for a comment to appear, that's why it hasn't--I cannot get to my beloved yahoo account where your lovely and very much appreciated comments get sent. It was 1998 when I got this account. Thus, as it's been awhile, I can't recreate some of the information they are asking for to verify the account. Plus it was hacked by some hacker website so who knows what else they changed. At least my interests on my profile haven't been changed to pederasty and furry porn, so be grateful for small blessings, I suppose.

In addition, I lost (and thankfully found) my wedding ring and ripped the mirror off the side of the car backing out of our narrow driveway. And our freezer is covered in frost for reasons I don't understand, which makes the door difficult to close, which makes more frost.

I am expecting 1) my cell phone to spontaneously combust 2) all the phones in the house to start spewing the voice of Damien 3) the indoor plumbing to start spewing sewage. I am afraid to even say "What else could go wrong?" because something will,my friends, oh yes, something will. Who is the patron saint of computers? Because I clearly pissed him/her off.

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