Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sleep, my child, and peace attend thee.....

Or, you know, NOT, as has been the case around here lately.

Sunday morning, 6:30 AM--She wakes up crying. Paul goes to get her. She rocks with him, them me, in the rocking chair for an hour, greeting every attempt to put her back in bed with NOOOOOO and loud sobbing. Perfectly happy if we're holding her, but bed is EEEEVVVIIILLLLLL.

We'd gone to bed, with the time change, at 1:30 and she'd been up with the chickens the previous morning too. I was so tired I inadvertently put hand cream in my hair to style it and had to wash it all over again.

During the course of the day we had brunch at my mom and dad's, and noticed she had devleoped a rash. The only new foods she'd eaten were goat cheese and proscuitto. But we took her home, dosed her with benedryl, and all went down for a nap. I slept all of 40 minutes. The rash hadn't gone away at bedtime, so we gave her more (at least fve hours apart, dosewise). NO problems at bedtime. We're laughing about what kind of a Yuppie baby we have that's allergic to proscuitto.

Monday morning, 3-ish, I wake up and can't get back to sleep. YAY!!! Insomnia!!! So I get up, read, watch TiVoed Gilmore Girls and finally fall back into a fitful sleep and hour or so before we all have to be up.

When Maggie wakes up, her lips are bluish and her hands, feet and lips are all like ice, although she's fine, if a little sleepy, otherwise. I freak and call the doctor as soon as I think they'll be answering the phone and am instructed to bring her right in. I beg Paul to call in late to work and come with me, he does, and off we go.

She's fine, the doctors can't find anything wrong and arent sure the rash is allergic. She, however, is PISSED. Generally she enjoys the doctor--this time she started screaming the minute she saw the nice, if no-nonsense, nurse, tried to fling herself off the scale, screamed blue murder during the exam, screamed about getting dressed, and was just generally a very angry little person.

So, we knew her lungs were fine. Heart sounded good, no problems, we can't figure out whhat went wrong wich is only marginally terrifiying.

Since then, no problems. We think it may have ben lack of oxygen from running the humidifier in her room. Still. The best part of having a baby is the love, the fact that my heart's just opened up in a way I never thought possible. The worst? Same thing. I am forever vulnerable now, the bad things in the world can hurt me beyond repair.

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