Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Sunday

I am a Bad Catholic. In that I spent most of church yesterday watching Maggie and the approximately 247 other little kids in church and listened to the cacophony created by those kids.

Question for anyone who reads me: if you have kids and go to church, at what point do you remove them from the sanctuary if they start becoming loud? With us, it's a couple minutes--our church doesn't have a "cry room" so we have to make do. And do you let them run around the main "church" area? Some people, some of whom are friends of ours, do and I think it's really inappropriate, but haven't gotten up the nerve to say anything. We just try to lead by example, I suppose--can't complaina bot other's behavior when you engage in it yourself.

It was a wonderful day, though. Maggie looked so cute in her little dress, had a ball at Easter dinner at my mom and dad's house, charmed the socks off all and sundry and it was just generally happy. We had a great Polish meal--barcz (prounounced BARchzt), a soup with veal, pork roast, ham (2 kinds) and real kielbasa cooked in a broth made orm the drippings from the meat and vinegar, and eggs added in at the last minute, plus all those meats.. My mom makes this horrifying but delicious cheesy potato dish. Frozen hash browns, onions, milk and Velveeta (OH YEAH) cooked together. We let Maggie have some and laughed that this kid who mostly gets natural, unprocessed, healthy food was either going to hate it or be all "You people have SO been holding out on me!" Of course, she devoured it. And we DID have a salad, to counteract all the scary things on the table.

Also--I have a new post beloww the last one, headlined "Sleep my child..."; for some reason it published on the day I started it, not the day I finished and posted it. So, you know, it's less boring than this, go read!


Theresa said...

I coming to Easter dinner at your house next year. You had much more interesting food than we had, which was a pretty standard ham and jello salad snoozefest. Would it kill Ben's family to eat something with FLAVOR once in awhile?

As for the church thing, we send Holly to the nursery. If we had to keep her with us I would take her out of the service as soon as it seemed like she wasn't going to quiet down. I think most people understand an occasional noise from a baby but do get annoyed if the noise continues and the parents don't do anything about it. So, keep on leading by example and maybe the others will catch on!

Jamie said...

Happy noise I don't worry so much about. Sad babies get taken out pretty quickly. I figure when Jesus said, "Suffer the children," he knew perfectly well that babies are noisy.

We don't tolerate running around, though a young toddler can walk around the entryway if he gets restless. A toddler big enough to run is big enough, IMHO, to learn that church isn't the place to practice it.

MegS said...

I don't always make it to church, in part because watching Helen is so much work. It seems I don't do any worship there. When we do go, I take Helen outside after a couple of minutes. Our church doesn't have a cry room either, so we have to go outside in the courtyard. I don't approve of letting children run around in the aisles, but Helen diagrees. I have to hold her in my lap.

If we go outside, I still don't let her run around. Instead I continue to hold her in my lap. I'm hoping that if outside isn't any more fun, Helen will resign herself to sitting insides. I'm afraid outside may be inherently more fun, though.

That's a very cute Easter dress, by the way!