Monday, February 27, 2006


My little girl is walking!!!!

She's been close for awhile now, but just in the last week or so has begun to take real, steady, on-her-own steps. The first time she walked much at all, we were in the Great Hall of the DIA listening to the jazz band they had playing. Maggie saw something she wanted and let go of my hand and just marched right over. Paul and I were both dumbstruck. She didn't show much interest all last week, but Friday morning she got reacquainted with her feet and led me all over the house, walking some on her own as well.

Today, we were reading in the den, and she decided she was done. She just turned around and toddled right off, out of the den and into the living room before she toppled over. I was giddy with pride and sad at the same time. This is when it begins, her moving slowly away from me and into the world. It's a big part of my job as her mom to foster that independence and I love seeing her start to meet the world on her terms, but another big part of me wants to slow it down, stop time, always hold her close.


tripmom827 said...

I love toddling walkers...AND the look of pride and excitement in their faces because they are so proud of themselves for gaining that little bit of independence. It is amazing. It never ceasaes to amaze me how one day these milestones just pop!

Christine/Mystictiner said...

Oh that is so wonderful! Yay Maggie! I know exactly what you mean about wanting to stop time! My little Holly is so near crawling now and I'm just thinking noooo hold on just a bit longer! Plus, it's always so great having them in that "portable" phase. :-) Once the moving around starts the madness begins! Hehehe.

Jamie said...

Oh, wow! (Are you braced for the extra-clingy phase that sometimes follows a big leap forward?) Go, Maggie!